Friday, May 05, 2006

A Politician Who Gets It

Rep Brad Miller (Dem-NC 13th District) has been posting at Daily Kos. Here is his latest post, answering the crazy, wingnut allegations that Vernon "I'm crazier then batshit" Robinson has put out in campaign fliers. The allegation about a supposed gay love between Kos and Miller. Of course Vernon has no one check the fact that Rep Miller is married and has been for a long time.
What is even better then the post is the comments.

Rep Miller gets it. Not only does he post, but he comments as well.

Vernon won his primary with a whopping 741 votes. His finances are doing well according to Ed Cone. Click the link in Ed's post to the 104 contributors. It seems, by the totals and dates listed, several people are contributing more then the $2100 limit per election cycle. Maybe a little FEC investigation is in order? After all it wouldn't be the first fine Vernon Robinson has received from the FEC. This says a lot. A man who wants to go to Washington to make laws, yet can't follow them on the way there. More to come on this....
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