Saturday, September 02, 2006

Vernon, The FEC and Me Part 2

As you all know I have filed several FEC complaints against Robinson For Congress for excessive campaign contributions. Well, it seems the FEC doesn't care and has dismissed the case. I will point out in the documents below, that will chronicle the rest of the experience, the fact that the FEC lists that Robinson had 10 contributors that were over the limit, and that the dates involved clearly show that Robinson for Congress did not amend their errors in the allotted time frame as per FEC guidelines(60 days from receipt of contribution), that there was no response from the Robinson folks, and in the General Counsels Disposition that the Enforcement Docket appears to be full(guess it's more then Vernon, more on this later hopefully). So they are going to let him slide, but I am not(more to come on this too).

Just to give you an idea of who contributes to a man like Vernon Robinson, Frank Liddell, JR.($2100 to Vernon) is a Houston law firm partner who has been involved in the Tom Delay scandal, Harriet Miers, and much more that you will recognize from this article. Do we really want the same Republican shenanigans by voting for the very bunch of nuts picked from the corrupt Republican rubber stamp tree?

Here's the documents:

Notice the "No response" on the last document. Funny how you can break campaign finance law, ignore the FEC and get away with it.

As I said, the fight is not over. On Vernon's July report, he has multiple donors to his primary after the primary. This is only illegal if you are in debt due to the primary, but I doubt that Vernon spent $300,000 in the days from the April filing until the May 2nd primary. There are also excessive donations again. I have been issued another MUR# and this is again an open matter under review. See the documents below.

I had the option to take the first two complaints to judicial review. What that would involve is going to US District Court in Washington, DC and suing the FEC for not doing their job. After conferring with numerous experts on the matter, it is almost a sure loss anytime you sue the FEC. The cost of filing in District Court, plus the cost of legal expenses, and the time spent away from my family and my business would be too great for more grim results. We will see what happens with the third complaint. The FEC hasn't left me too confident that they'll do anything about this, but hope is still there that some current government agency can do their jobs. Some regional papers have shown interest in running the story on Vernon's reports and the FEC, the News and Record is not one of these papers. I like JR, but he did introduce Vernon at the Rotary Club, which may have revealed his true conservative colors. We'll see when the N&R does it's endorsements.
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