Saturday, November 04, 2006

Joe Guarino's Ideological Company

I write this as an opinion. I have met Joe Guarino in person, and as we disagree on many, if not all issues, he is a nice guy. Just a friendly smackdown back to reality. So here it goes:

Joe Guarino leans so far to the right, the leaning tower of Pisa seems straight. I am writing this post in response to several posts, one of which is here that Joe has rubber stamped Republican.

A while back, Plead the First put up Greensboro's Political Compass. On this chart, based on a series of questions, Joe Guarino winds up to the right (no surprise) and surprisingly Authoritarian. An Authoritarian lean more towards unimpeded government rule, like dictatorships. No surprise Joe is happy with our Emperor Bush. No surprise he supports crazy and fanatical Vernon Robinson. I took the test a little late to be on the chart. My results put me in between Castera and Coon.

It is also no surprise that Joe likes to offer a lot of rubber stamp Republican talking points. There are also insinuations about candidates like Pricey Harrison, Maggie Jeffus and Brad Miller that Joe offers no proof or unbiased proof of his arguments. It's like taking pop shots at these fine representatives from a rooftop.

One particular phrase that Mr. Guarino continually brings up that pisses me off beyond belief is the term "pro-abortion" instead of pro-choice. I don't know anyone, Joe, anyone who is for the wholesale abortions you dream up to be the case. Some folks, a lot of folks, are for the right to have a choice. There is a huge difference. Just because you disagree doesn't mean you have the right to change the terminology to suit your argument. That is just plain dirty.

Here's a good question Joe: What if your wife was raped by a foul criminal rapist and was impregnated in the process, would you allow her to abort the baby? What does your wife think she would do in this situation? It is really her opinion that counts here, not you and I. After all it would be her body, right? You can't say it won't happen, we all wish it wouldn't happen, but you can't say it won't, so that is not a good answer. I want a real answer Joe.

No one is for abortion being a form of birth control or away out of a relationship gone bad, it is about having the government telling you what to or what not to do with your body. Government and religous organizations just don't have the right to tell someone what to do with their body, period.

It is fine to have your views Joe. It is fine that you are brainwashed by the kind of Dobson and Haggard(meth head who had sex with a gay prostitute), but this is not everyone's opinion. I also don't appreciate the rhetoric in which you deliver these views, with biased information and a shift in vocabulary only comparable to the Bush Administration and the likes of McCarthy.

I think critics of the extreme right are correct in saying that you folks will only be happy after a nuclear war, because the fire and brimstone is written into your Bible as the end and you all want to see it with your own eyes. That sound about right Joe?

Conservative used to stand for something halfway descent in this country. Small, unintrusive government that is fiscally responsible and kept taxes down for all. We are a long way from that Joe. We now have a conservative base that is big government, big business, constitutionally intrusive, fiscally irresponsible and keeps taxes down for the rich and the rich only. You support a party of Fascism, exactly what your party was once against.

You should inform yourself outside of Fox news and the Rush Limbaugh show. Try the BBC if CNN doesn't suit you. Then you can have an opinion. Until then your just a puppet, who's strings are looking worn.
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