Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thanks Vernon, For The Memories And The Help

This week after a thorough thumping by Brad Miller, Vernon Robinson has said that he has no intention to make another run. I don't blame ya buddy. After that trouncing, I'd find another line of work too.


I have to thank you for running Vernon. You were the top Republican candidate in the 13th district and that helped us Dem's like you wouldn't believe. Just so you know, here's how you helped us:

In Guilford County, we thumped Republicans in the NC-57 race (Pricey), NC-59 race (Maggie Jeffus), NC-58 race (Alma Adams) and NC-60 race (Earl Jones).

In Alamance County, equally sleazy politician (and now ex State Senator) Hugh Webster lost to Dem Tony Foriest.

In Wake County, Ty Harrell won the NC-41 race over incumbent Capps.

So thanks Vernon. I feel like you helped us Dem's get out the vote. You did touch the values of the 13th District, the voters spoke on a lot of levels. They clearly said Democrat at every chance.

Your lies, deception, lawlessness with the FEC, brashness and pure evil elected Democrats. That's a reason to keep your chin up Vernon. If you really are a good Christian with moral values, you helped people. That's what it's all about. Isn't it?

I can't say I'll miss you and your brash ways, but good luck in your non-political future. Maybe you and Hugh Webster can go hunting with Dick Cheney since your all cut from the same mold.
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