Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Car Burglarized

I hope you all are having a better morning then I am. My wife woke up to go to work this morning to find my driver side window smashed in and my radio and satellite receiver gone. They didn't bother with the power tools in the back. The police are on the way, but that's another story.

I called the main non-emergency number 373-2222 and spoke with a lady who took my name, address and phone number. She then tells me that someone will call me to take a report. Now, I know people. People like Chief Bellamy. I asked her if they would send someone out, result no. I then (as I am already in a bad mood from the ordeal) told her that she will send a CSI van out to dust for prints and take a report or I will call Chief Bellamy and he will make her do it. She responded with, "There will be someone out there in the next 2 hours, sir" and hung up.

What again is the job of a police officer? I believe it is to protect and to serve. She was doing neither and was rude to boot. I think I will call the chief anyway and let him know about my phone conversation. Quite frankly, I've been treated better at a McDonald's-drive thru.

UPDATE 10:15 AM: An officer came out and took a report. He also ordered for CSI to come out and dust for prints that are clear on my dash. It is a whole hand print. Guess it pays to bitch sometimes. I have also left a message for the chief explaining the phone call, since citizen/police relations is high on the GPD's list now a days. More to come.

UPDATE 10:56AM: CSI has come and dusted for prints on the clear hand print. We'll see if they catch the punk. That's the only reason to have them come out. If they get prints that are on record as a habitual burglar then they can send them to the pokey. Other then that, I am not getting my stuff back. That I realize. Older car, no comp and collision, no insurance help. I have to replace, out of pocket a window, a CD radio player and a satellite receiver.

Both officers were real nice and very helpful. My problem is with the dispatch lady.
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