Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is NC Senator Phil Berger A Racist?

HB91, In Person Registration and Voting passed the Senate today. It passed with a pretty bad amendment attached to it. Republican Senator Phil Berger(Guilford, Rockingham) got his amendment passed that requires all voter registration forms to be in English. This forces me to ask the question, Is Phil Berger a racist?

Regardless, according to the US Dept of Justice website, the amendment can not stay according to the Voters Rights Act, sections 203 and 4(f)(4) . The explanation of this law is here. By law it can not be in just English. Berger apparently did no research and neither did his staff.

As I said, it passed the Senate and now goes back to the House so they can approve or disapprove the new language in the Senate version. I am certain this amendment will be removed due to Federal law, but Phil Berger showed his true colors today. Shame on you Senator Berger! Shame on you!!
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