Monday, August 13, 2007

Italy-Smugglers-Arms and Iraq

I read this story today on Yahoo(via AP).

Scary stuff. The Italian Government was probing possible drug smuggling and stepped in to a much bigger pile then they had thought. Apparently the smugglers were not dealing in drugs, but instead were dealing in arms. According to the AP story they found out about 100,000 Russian made automatic weapons selling on the black market to be shipped to Iraq. Even scarier is the fact that members of the Iraqi government were involved in this arms deal. The Iraqi government has made deals before, but always with the notification and approval of the US command. They had neither notified or received approval.

It appears to me that the Iraqi government is standing up. What was it that George Bush keeps tauting? Oh...I believe it was when they stand up we will stand down.

I see this as a good time to stand down!
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