Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Wait

I went and voted for John Kerry today. For those of you who know me that is no surprise. I did also use my first amendment rights to free speech and wore a home made t-shirt to the polls. The front of my t-shirt said, "Bush Is A Terrorist". This is in protest to US foreign policy and also for the fact that we can have WMD's and no one else can. The back of my t-shirt said, "god Loves Gays". This is in protest to having to go to a church to vote, as well as, the unseperation of church and state in our current government. It also is in protest to having gay marriage even be an issue. Gay people are people. I am as heterosexual as a human can be. I have plenty of gay friends. We need to understand that we all are people, we all bleed red. Every man is created equal, right? I expected a lot of bad things to happen because of the shirt. Anything from being whisked away for a vacation to sunny Cuba, be arrested, or confrontations with Bush supporters and the religious right were possible. None of the above happened. I was surprised. No one said anything. People looked and talked amongst themselves. No one said a thing. I was proud of my fellow voters in my home district. The only comment I did get was from a Kerry supporter, who joked, "Voting for Bush, are you?"

I sit and wait. Whoever wins this election,wins. I have done my part. I think the good things that have happened in this election are that, more voters turned out, people spoke their mind, and as a country we will decide the future of this country. We will see if it goes to the courts tomorrow. I don't know the result of the election. I do know that the pulse of the world is on our election. This means a lot to our friends abroad. So we all sit and we all wait. Until tomorrow or at least late tonight we all wait.
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