Monday, December 27, 2004

15 Million to Aide Tsunami Victims

The US government has initially stated they would give 15 million dollars to aide the victims of the tsunami/earthquake catastrophe according to a report from Reuters.

Some may say that I am not compassionate for what I am about to say, others may agree. I disagree with the aide we are sending to Asia for the aftermath of this tragedy. How can we come up with 15 million when we can not afford to put armor on the vehicles our soldiers are driving in to combat? How can we afford 15 million when we have people in our own country that are homeless and starving? How can we afford 15 million when these same countries in Asia did not extend a hand during our time of need(9/11)? Some will say that they are poor countries and could not help us and need our help. I say there are poor people here that are legal citizens that could sure use a hand. Instead they get the back of one from big brother. Oh, I almost forgot the fact that we have a 4 trillion dollar deficit. Where are we getting this 15 million? Where is the compassion for our own people?
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