Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Local Blogisphere

There has been a lot of interesting (and I hope friendly) discussion going on over the past couple of weeks about the local blogisphere. I have not weighed in a lot to date. I will share with you all where I stand on this friendly debate.

I got into blogging a few months ago when I talked to my friend Ed Cone. I was looking for a new direction in life, having given up on a life long dream of playing music on the big stage for big money. I have played the big stage, no big money though. This blogging adventure is a creative outlet for me, as well as, an embarkment of my secondary dream. Even at a young age I made the papers in a debate about smoking and school rules. I appeared before the Paramus, NJ school board and aired my grievance. I was in two local papers the following day. AAH...The power of the media realized for the first time. I have always been outspoken and ideal based. What better tool to use to get my voice out then blogging.

I have never had any intention of blogging taking over the responsibility of paying my bills or affording vacations. If it was to ever happen that would be great, but it is probably not likely. If I could make a little money for what I write, I would feel monitarily appreciated. Where the real payoff is for me is the fact that you people out there in the blogisphere read my work, and comment, and debate, and interact. Someone's personal appreciation is what I strive for. It cost you nothing extra then the time you put into posting. It cost me nothing to set up a blog page on Blogger. It cost me nothing to do research on the net or to write my stories. It cost you nothing to read them and comment. I have not made a dime doing any of this. I have not spent one either.

There is some great talent on the local blog express. The people I read, and the people that read me are intelligent and well educated. I learn a lot from all of you and hope you learn from me. What The Shu has done at his site with a comprehensive blogroll is impressive. The local press coverage and trials of a family going through cancer is priceless at Dave Hoggards site. Roch Smith has started as a local news aggregator. Laughs are provided daily at Mr Sun's site, where he combines news and comedy in a way that makes my belly ache in a good way. The Greensboro News and Record has jumped aboard the blog express with many good blogs, as well as, plans to unleash more in the new year. I read a lot of local blogs. We are getting attention on the national level with Jay Rosen's piece on Greensboro and blogging. Local politics changed when Tara Sue Grubb blogged for office and Jeff Thigpen won the Register of Deeds job with the aid of his blog. There is so much talent here and all we need to do is find a way to pool it so it works for everyone.

I am calling for another Piedmont Bloggers Conference in the near future so we can all sit and talk with each other and bounce our ideas around. I think every idea I have heard so far is great, they may all work or they may not. Our job as the local blogging community is to figure this out in a civil way and remain united with each other for the greater good of all of us. I feel this whole community has come a long way since the first conference and I am personally proud to know all of you. Lets get the one thing we all have in common with each other together..... our intelligence and come up with something that will blow away the rest of the blogisphere, maybe change blogging as we know it. If there is a group of people who can do this, it is the Guilford County North Carolina Blogging Community.

I will now take Ed Cone's advice from his column last Sunday and wish you all a Happy Holiday. May you all be healthy and happy. (I am not religious so a Happy Holiday back would be more then enough.)
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