Saturday, November 27, 2004

A Feel Good Story

Amid the war and the homicide trials, the liberal left has produced a feel good story for all. A small High School in Riverside, California is making people in the minority feel alive. The High School is California School For The Deaf- Riverside. The varsity football team defied odds this season. Opponents of the school think because they are deaf, they can not play. Just ask Fairmont Prep, who at home, lost to Riverside by a score of 70 to 8. A 9 and 1 record in the regular season earned the Riverside kids a shot at the playoffs. On November 19th, the Riverside squad took the field against Malibu. They put up 27 points against Malibu, but it was not enough to win, as Malibu scored 41. You ask how this is feel good or the left fighting back? This is feel good, because the kids at Riverside can not hear the whistle or their opponents call an audible. They just stop when the play is over. It is the left fighting back, because The Riverside Cubs are the minority. They just wouldn't roll over and play dead. After all they are deaf, not dead. Yes they didn't win the playoff game, but who thought they would even get there. My hat goes off to the Riverside Cubs and I think yours should too. Check out their season highlights at:
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