Monday, February 07, 2005

What Bush's Budget Means To You-Colorful Version

President Bush, today, released the Federal Budget for 2006, a $2.5 trillion package. I will break it down by departments.

First the Departments that took a hit:
Department of Agriculture-$19.4 billion, down 10%
Responsible for Food Safety, Conservation, Forest Services, and Rural Development(Farmers).

Department of Energy-$23.4 billion, down 2%
Responsible for Energy R&D, Science, Environmental Cleanup, and Safety, security, reliability and effectiveness of nuclear programs.

Department of Health and Human Services-$67.2 billion, down 1%
Responsible for Medicare, Medicaid, State Childrens Health Insurance, Health Centers, Bioterrorism, Marriage and Health Family Development, and Health Care Info and Tech.

Department of Housing and Urban Development-$28.5 billion, down 11%
Responsible for Section 8 Housing, Public Housing, Homeless Assistance, and Housing for the Elderly and Disabled.

Department of the Interior-$10.6 billion, down 1%
Responsible for Bureau of Indian Affairs, Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, National Parks and the US Geological Survey.

Department of Labor-$11.5 billion, down 4%
Responsible for Job Training and Employment, Unemployment Insurance, Pension Protection, Labor Law Enforcement, and Employment Statistics.

Environmental Protection Agency-$7.6 billion, down 6%
Responsible for Vehicle Emissions, The Environment in General.

Small Business Administration-$593 million, down 3%
Responsible for Small Business Loans and Small Business Development.

Corp of Engineers-$4.3 billion, down 7%
Responsible for Commercial Navigation, Flood and Storm Damage Reduction, and Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration.

Now the departments that got an increased budget:

Department of Commerce-$9.4 billion, up 49%
Responsible for Economic Development, International Trade, Patent and Trademark Office, and The Census Bureau.

Department of Defense-$419.3billion, up 5%(up 41% since 2001)
Responsible for National Defense, Training and Equiptment for the Military, and Operations and Maintenance.

Department of Education-$56 billion, up 1%
Responsible for Grants to State and Local School Districts, Special Education, and Pell Grants.

Department of Homeland Security-$34.2 billion, up 7%
Responsible for Border and Transportation Security, Coast Guard, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Immigration, Secret Service, and Science and Technology.

Department of Justice-$20.3 billion, up 1%
Responsible for Combating Terrorism, Drug Enforcement, ATF, FBI, CIA, Federal Detention Programs, Prosecuting Corporate Fraud, and other criminal and civil legal activities.

Department of State and International Assistance Programs-$13.3 billion, up 14%
Responsible for Diplomatic Activities and Operation of Embassies, International Assistance (economic development, child health, and military financing), and US Contributions to International Organizations.

Department of Treasury-$11.6 billion, up 4%
Responsible for IRS, Managing and Accounting for the Public Debt, Administering Federal Finances, Combating Financial Crime and Terrorist Funding, and Producing Coin and Currency.

Department of Veteran Affairs-$33.4 billion, up 3%
Responsible for Health Care for Veterans, Disability Compensation, Pension for Low-Income Veterans, and National Cemeteries.

NASA-$16.5 billion, up 2%
Responsible for Space Exploration.

Social Security Administration-$9.5 billion, up 8%
Responsible for Social Security Trust Fund, Administering Social Security to the Elderly.

National Science Foundation-$5.6 billion, up 2%
Responsible for Research, Education and Human Resources, and Major Research Equiptment and Facilities Construction.

I color coded what department responsibilities effect who. Blue is for low to middle income individuals and Democratic Party strongholds. Red is for Upper income individuals, Big government, Big business, and Republican Party strongholds(military). Purple is for neutral issues.

The President really stuck it to the poor man with this budget. Military wins big again, as well as all his big business buddies. Foreign interest also comes out way on top, compared to domestic issues. If you are like most of us prepare yourself now for bad health, bad income, bad air quality, bad government assistance, and expensive gas. I am almost certain that he put a 1% increase towards Education was to put out the fire he has consistently set when it comes to our children. All in all, not a lot to look forward to. Hopefully, 2008 will get here for us all. That way we can feel some relief.

For full budget coverage go here.

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