Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Video Game Violence

A parents biggest cop out is to blame their childs wrong doings on something other then themselves. Via Yahoo and Reuters, this article talks about video game violence and how it makes young boys do bad things.

As parents, my wife and I know everything our child is getting into, watching and listening to. Many parents do not. There are many times I feel like popping in a violent video game and shooting the shit out of whatever it is I may be fighting, but if my daughter is home and around my XBOX space, I wait until she has gone to bed. It is ultimately the responsibility(when you have kids you have this thing called responsibility) of the parent to guide, teach and protect the children from things their little eyes shouldn't see. If my child happens to see something she shouldn't, it is explained in terms she can understand and she learns from it. Hollywood, the video game makers and cable TV aren't your childrens disiplinarians, you are. The people that feel that the makers of movies, games and programming should stop making this stuff, are simply showing everyone that they can not be responsible parents.

I played video games from the time of the Atari 2600. I always knew they weren't real and I certainly didn't run around eating a bunch of dots running from ghosts. I never pretended I was a frog and leap-frogged across traffic. And I certainly never wanted to run through the jungle, due north, and shoot everything that was in my way(Contra, for those who didn't get that one). The point being, that my parents instilled in me that this was all fantasy. Everything produced today, where as it is more graphic, is still fantasy, even know they are very life like in nature. If your child plays games, goes out and kills someone, and then proceeds to blame the game, they where a tard to begin with. Games don't kill people, people kill people.

If we are going to ban video games,movies, music, etc... then we should certainly stop coverage of the most gruesome of sites, the news. My child sees more crap that produces nightmares on the news, then anywhere else.

The study in the above article link was produced by a Catholic University, and parents against groups. It might as well have come from the Pope. Video games about going to church aren't very fun. Morals and values have no place in entertainment, and that is the key word, entertainment. Sheltering children, does not prepare them for a very callus and bad world that lies ahead. What it does, is make them extra curious and more prone to do something wrong. Yes, kids do stuff that is wrong. It is a parents job to make them learn from their mistakes.

What I am saying is this, if you can't be good parents, then you shouldn't have taken on the responsibility. But, under no circumstance should you folks ever FUCK with my entertainment and tell me how to raise a child. That I can do on my own.
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