Sunday, September 18, 2005

Driving Lessons From Jay- Part2

What are all these lines on the road? What's up with all these signs? What do they mean?

There are lines on the pavement we drive on. They mean lots of different things. There is the solid double yellow line. It means you can't go on the other side of that line, it is the other side of the road. There is the single yellow line with dashes on alternating sides. This is the pass with care lines. You can go on the other side of the road to pass the slow ass driver in front of you as long as the dashes are on your side of the road. Then there are the most overlooked of road lines, the white dashes. This signifies the separation of lanes. So please, if you are hauling a latte in a Hummer, find a way to stay inside your own dashes. I know this is hard, being on the cell phone while changing DVD's, but it does prevent stupid accidents. This also applies to all other vehicles, especially old folks in Cadillac's and Lincoln's. The left most lane on your side of the road is the fast lane. The right most lane is the slow lane. So, if your going to drive 10 miles per hour under the speed limit, don't do it in the left hand lane. This causes road rage and the kind of beating hookers holding out on their pimps get.

What are all these signs? Stop. Yield. No U-turn. No left turn. You get the point. It is simple. If the sign says stop you (holy shit) stop. If the sign says yield then you yield, not stop. Reading these signs requires literacy which I tend to think a lot of driver don't have.

Here's the combo no no move. You see a no left turn sign while in the left hand lane. You somehow rationalize the fact that a right hand turn from the left lane is a good idea. It's not.

It's all pretty simple. Know your lines and read your signs. Just another public safety lesson from Jay.
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