Saturday, September 03, 2005

Friends In Places We Thought We Didn't Have

The aftermath of Katrina is yet another in a line of the Bush Administration's gross failures. Many counties have offered up foreign aide. Yesterday, the administration all but refused foreign aide, but today have changed their tone. You would not believe where some of it is coming from, I had to read it twice.

(From Yahoo, via Reuters) "Cuban President Fidel Castro, calling a "truce" in Havana's ideological enmity with Washington, offered to fly 1,100 doctors to Houston with 26 tons of medicine to treat people in the disaster area.

Castro's leftist ally, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez offered to send cheap fuel but the State Department said a decision had not been made on whether to accept this offer."

Read the whole article here.

At least we know the people of Iraq are safer,...NOT. The people of New Orleans should have never, as American's, had to endure what they have had to endure. If the National Guard was where they are supposed to be, based at home instead of Iraq, these people would have been better off. Maybe, Halliburton can give back the billions they got in bonuses for their (lack of) work in Iraq, in the way off a donation to hurricane relief? It's Ok to hope isn't it?

This Administration is committing the greatest act of racism, since African American's were granted rights with a Constitutional Amendment. I guarantee if this was a bunch of rich white folks, they would have had them out of there in no time. I say this as a white male, and it makes me ashamed of my governments actions. I just waiting for Bush to come to the podium with a white hood. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

If you can, donate directly to for hurricane relief. My poor ass is going to, and I can barely afford to feed my family. Your poor asses should too. Even $5 can help.

Another note: Matt Gross has great quotes and coverage of the Administration's failure in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. You should check it out.
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