Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Lets...Play The Blame Game

How many times can you screw up your job before getting fired? I know that before I worked for myself, it didn't take much. One big screw up, and gone.

We are in the midst of big fuck up number three for the Bush Administration. First, evidence before 9/11 that could have averted the disaster, obviously botched. Then, lies and more lies to justify some Texas justice in Iraq. This is an ongoing botch. Now, New Orleans. The Bush Administration has really fucked up this time. Republican led cuts in the Army Corp of Engineers budget that would have gone to the levees in New Orleans, failure to get help to the people after the fact, and most recently passing the buck on the blame.

The President actually said of Mike Brown, director of FEMA, "Brownie, your doing a great job."

A lot of people say now is not the time for finger pointing. I say wrong. Someone must be held accountable and I say it starts with Mike Brown, who before FEMA, was a commissioner of judges and stewards for the IAHA, a show horse breeders and show horse association. By the way he was fired from that job that he held for 11 years for ....supervision failures. I guess as a house painter I would then by this logic qualify to be a nuclear physicist.

Next, we have W. This man, even in Republican circles, was and is seen as immature. Every business he has ever owned has been run into the ground. Why should the US Government be a different situation for ole W. The best career choice for this mental midget would have been a meteorologist. Why? I have said over and over, it's the only job you can be wrong every day of the week and not lose your job. Partly cloudy, slight chance of rain, never a decisive answer to anything, until it actually happens.

Impeach this man, there is way more reason then a blow job.

After W, anyone who failed the system for this crisis should be held accountable, Democrat or Republican. Something went tragically wrong, that is for sure. We lost a fantastic city, with great history and great people.

Barbara Bush took time away from her multi-million dollar estate in Houston to visit the Astrodome and actually said this(from Yahoo, via The Nation), "Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them." Basically, this is good enough for the poor. I now see where W gets it from.

The one good thing that could have come from this was that Fidel Castro offered up over 1500 doctors to come help. This could have been a historic moment for Cuba and the US, but Bush put politics first and refused the help. He also refused help from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who offered up cheaper gas for the country and money. For an administration who wants so much free trade, they continue to leave Cuba out of the mix. This could have been, historic, but will wind up a footnote at best.

The White House refuses to talk about accountability. They dodge better then anyone I have seen before. Check out this exchange at a White House Press Briefing via Matt Gross. I guess the one thing that has come of this is that the mainstream media is starting to grow back their balls.

Now my first prediction as Nostrablogger, self proclaimed blogging prophet. "I see no one being held accountable, no one will lose their jobs, there will be a cover up, and a Lyndee England style scape goat." That is what I see in my Pentium III LCD ball(well screen, but who's being particular).
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