Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Holy Crap, Talk Radio

I appeared this morning on NC A&T's radio station WNAA 90.1 FM. I was there to pimp Converge South. I appeared with Val Neiman from NC A&T. I knew it was a talk show, but I had no idea it was a call-in show. Surprise, surprise. We only fielded two phone calls. The first was a young lady who had just started blogging and asked what she couldn't do on a blog, what was wrong or illegal? My answer went something like this, "You pretty much have free reign on a blog, but there are some ethical guidelines to follow. You are responsible for what you say. You can't commit liable and slander. You are no less responsible then The Washington Post or The New York Times. Blogs are looked upon like a newswire, you are no different then say AP or Reuters." Question two came from a gentleman wanting to know why he should think anything on a blog is true. Val took this on first and did a wonderful job. He still wasn't satisfied. I added, "There are good and bad journalist. There are good and bad bloggers. It's pretty easy to read someone and tell who is who. We are a self policing community and if you make a mistake, you find out fast. Unlike newspapers we post our corrections immediately. We link to our sources, provide a "paper trail" of proof. We reveal our sources by linking. Remember Judith Miller, from the New York Times, is still in jail for refusal to reveal her sources." He accepted that and the calls were over.

I have been on the radio for interviews as a musician before, but not in the way it happened today, fielding calls from listeners. All in all, I feel it went really well. Val was super nice and incredibly intelligent. I had a wonderful and fun experience this morning. Thanks A&T.

A belated sorry to my fellow bloggers, friends and family for not telling you of this before it happened. The good news about this, my painting business is keeping me that busy.
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