Monday, September 19, 2005

Converge South Band Schedule- Friday Night

This is the finalized schedule for Converge South's music event for Friday night.

For official Press Release 9/19/05:

Converge South Music Schedule and Club Listing

October 7th, 2005
Solaris- Summit Ave.- Hard Rock
Headliner- 12pm- The Five L’s
11pm- Concrete Theory
10pm- Function

The Flat Iron- Summit Ave. -Adult Contemporary(featuring Jazz and Blues)
Headliner- 12pm- The Murray Street Band
11pm- Bruce Piephoff-
10pm- Miles Apart-
9pm- Tracy Thornton-
8:30pm- Jennifer Cockman-,

Chumley’s Pour House- Federal Pl.- College/Alt Rock
Headliner- 12pm- The Tremors
11pm- The Choosy Beggars-
10pm- Tommy Gun-
9pm- Michael Slawter of The Saving Graces-

Lyndon Street Artworks- Lyndon St.- Hip-hop/R&B
Headliner- Equinox
- The Alliance
- Heavy Contact and Will Zaybiane
- Bron G
- Ill Position(Ill Po)
- Karizmatic
- Tre Stylez
- Evin
- Young LThis
Show starts at 8:30pm at Lyndon St. Go to for more info.
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