Wednesday, October 26, 2005

NC Congressmen Introduce Iraq Withdrawal To House Floor

Just received breaking news from the Guilford Democratic Party:

NC House Rep David Price(NC-4) and Rep Brad Miller(NC-13) have introduced this(pdf file)legislation for a detailed withdrawal of the US led Iraqi occupation.

Excerpts from Rep Brad Miller:

"Mr. Speaker, millions of Americans feel increasing frustration with the contrived reasons given for invading Iraq, with the lack of any realistic plan for the aftermath of our invasion, and with the Administration's failure to state clearly what has to happen for our military to come home. And I feel the same frustration. This Administration has said simply that we should 'stay the course,' but has failed to declare our port of destination. It is hard to believe that there is a course, that we are not simply drifting rudderless."

"Iraqis suspicions about our intentions undermine the legitimacy of the Iraqi government, and fuel the insurgency that continues unabated."

"And Mr. Speaker, there is no better way to persuade the Iraqi people that we really intend to withdraw than to begin withdrawing. The Price-Miller resolution calls for a partial withdrawal as soon as possible."

Excerpts from Rep David Price:

“While we should never have started this war…and although no ideal option for ending it is available to us now, the October 15 referendum vote offers the best opportunity we are likely to have to begin the process of withdrawal credibly and hopefully – to turn the responsibility for Iraq’s future over to the Iraqis themselves and to repair the diplomacy and foreign policy from which the invasion of Iraq has been such a tragic departure for our country.”

Way to go Rep Miller and Rep Price. You are making this North Carolinian proud to have you represent us.

Rep Brad Miller has his district cover Greensboro, Raleigh and Reidsville. For a detailed map click here. Rep David Price has his district cover all of Orange and Durham counties, part of Wake county, and a small section of Chatham county.
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