Friday, October 28, 2005

Temporary Leave of Absence

I am taking a few days off from the blogisphere, not that I have been writing much anyway. I have been slammed at my painting business, times are good there. I am moving tomorrow to blog central, the Historic Aycock District. We are moving a bit earlier then I expected, due to a slum lord at our current location. More to come on this later. Once I'm out, I'll drop the dime. Protecting my family and all. Please, take notes until my computer is back up and fill me in when I return. I will be in hell without all of you. Hopefully, Time Warner will have their act together and have me back up soon.

One note on today's news, Libby's indictment was expected. I expect to see more in the near future. I just wanted to wish Mathew a Merry Fitzmas. I think this will be an extended holiday. To bad Hallmark doesn't make cards for this occasion.

See you soon.
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