Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Hometown Hero

I am all moved. Now that that's out of the way on to more important stuff.

It was a very busy evening in Greensboro, tonight. I was lucky enough to score a single ticket to go see Archbishop Desmond Tutu speak at the War Memorial Auditorium. Thank you JW. Before I went to go see Mr Tutu speak, I had one very important stop to make.

We have a hometown hero. A survivor and battler, like no other I have ever seen with these two eyes. One year and one day ago, David Hoggard posted on his site the horrible news that Jinni Hoggard had been diagnosed with cancer. One year and one day later, I drank champagne at the casa de Hoggard, celebrating Jinni's recovery. She is cancer free. I have watched the struggle with my own eyes, I have read the accounts in the News and Record and on Hoggs Blog. Tonight we toasted. I along with Robert, Mathew Gross and his wife Mel, Mebane Ham, Maria Johnson(N&R) and the Hoggards. Many others were there earlier in the evening.

Jinni, I am so proud of you. I am grateful to have you and David as friends. I can't wait to see you thrive in your bright future. You have inspired many and gave humanity hope. You beat that son of a bitch and you beat him good. Thank you for being my friend and thank you for your gift to all who watched you endure the year of hell you endured. You are truely one of a kind.
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