Thursday, November 17, 2005

Just Look In The Mirror and Practice or I'm Rubber, Your Glue...

Cheney responds.

"A dishonest and reprehensible political ploy", he says. Using these words to describe the Democrats criticisms of the administrations justification to go to war. Isn't it Cheney himself who is dishonest and reprehensibile? Has anyone read this article in last August's Rolling Stone?

Cheney also says of Democrats in the Reuters article, "...opportunists who were peddling cynical and pernicious falsehoods to gain political advantage while U.S. soldiers died in Iraq." Is this his way of admiditng these very tactics or an empty accusation towards Democrats to try and save face? A face, which I might add, that has been through a series of swirlies in the White House shitter here lately.

This man has no room to judge others and might want to keep his corrupt and draconian mouth shut. The only reason Democrats, and some of his own Republicans, are questioning Iraq, is because we are there based on lies that stemmed from his office. The only reason over 2000 US kids have died in Iraq is because of lies that stemmed from his office.

If you haven't heard, his oil buddies might be in for a world of hurt because of him as well. Well, association with him at least.

Remember, I pointed out here, that Dick Cheney botched his inaugural oath. Is this man really our VP?
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