Sunday, November 20, 2005

A True Democracy Would...

So, the GOP calls a vote on the House floor to pull out the troops immediately. Of course realizing that they have control of the House, Senate and White House. This is in retaliation to John Murtha, decorated Vietnam Vet, and his comments about pulling the troops. I am glad the Democrats didn't take the bait. What the Republicans wanted was for the Democrats to vote to pull the troops, they themselves to vote it down, and finger pointing to ensue about the Democrats not supporting the troops or throwing around the unpatriotic threat.

I have one thing to say to a bunch who granted themselves raises right after cutting the food stamp program, if this is a true Democracy then call a special election and have the popular vote decide what your partisan politics can't. If the people want the troops home, then bring them home. If the people decide to leave them in Iraq, them leave them. That would be true Democracy in action, not name calling, finger pointing, and partisan bullshit. It is evident from all the polls I am seeing, on TV and the Internet, that this administration is losing steam and support from it's own base and party. If people want to point a finger at someone, then go to the top, that's how it works in every other company in America. Yes, the US Government is a company, run by companies, for the good of companies and the defense budget.

Late night rant complete. Shutting down system for sleep.
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