Sunday, December 04, 2005

Artist Who Played Converge South Murdered

Update: (12/5/05)Cara Michele at Choosen Fast has let me know more info on the media coverage of Tre's death at this post on her site. She also let me know that my comments have not been working and that problem is now corrected.

Yesterday morning around 7:30 am, local rapper, Tre Stylez was murdered in cold blood for reasons unknown. From the people I have talked to, there was no argument, no fight before hand, just one friend shot in the neck at point blank range. For those who knew Tre, he always showed the most luv and respect of anyone in the place. He never harbored any bad blood that I could see. He just loved what he did and loved who he was doing it for. He was an up and coming talent here in Greensboro and his absence will leave a big void in the local music scene. Tre was one of the artists that performed at Converge South this past October at Lyndon Street Artworks. I was not there for his performance, but was told he rocked the house as he usually does. Tre's murder happened at a house party, I had gone with Tre and his crew a few times to house parties in the area, over the years. I don't have too many details at this time, but as soon as I have them, I will let you all know. The police have the two murderers in custody, and I can only hope they go away for a very long time.

Tre Styles was supposed to perform at Ziggy's in Winston-Salem next Sat, opening for my old band The Five L's. I have been assured there will be a special tribute to Tre that evening. Please attend this show and show your love back to a man who stood for the good things in the Hip-Hop community. Until then, many tears for you my brother, I loved what you did and loved what you stood for.

A side note: No local TV or papers have covered this murder. I guess this kind of story doesn't sell papers or TV ads. I'm just saying.
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