Friday, January 13, 2006

Coffee At The Summit- You Must Try This New Cafe

I returned to Coffee at the Summit today to speak with owner Stan Montgomery about what led up to the cafe and what is in the future for the cafe. I reported yesterday that today the 13th was the opening and I was wrong, the opening is tomorrow, Sat the 14th at 8am.

Stan Montgomery is a quiet man. In the past two days I saw a man of large stature giggle inside like a little boy. He giggled because his vision of opening a cafe is finally a reality, and more so the neighborhood faithful gave him a resounding thumbs up. Stan is a life long resident of Greensboro, NC, graduating Dudley High School in 1978 and attending NC A&T University for accounting thereafter. He has worked for himself for many years. He doesn't take anything for granted and he looks forward to Mondays. Stan owns a real estate agency The Montgomery-Davis Group, LLC. He loves his agency. When Stan first saw the property at 623 Summit Ave, he had a vision. His vision was Coffee at the Summit, a place where people of all types could come and relax and enjoy. When I first met Stan two nights ago, I was greeted with a smile and a "Hi, I am Stan. Welcome to Coffee at the Summit". It is always first impressions that count. I was blown away with the decorative interior of the historic house that is Stans cafe. I learned today that Stan himself designed the interior and he did quite a job. The cafe has a "home like" feel to it, relaxing and comfortable. Coffee at the Summit was over a year in the planning.

As I said before, Stan is like a little boy inside. So much, that he is installing a model train set outside in the garden area of the cafe. He will also serve ice cream. He is also working on food and drinks for the kids. My daughter loved her Strawberry Smoothie the other night at the opening party.

Stan is also about honesty and purity. He told me today that, "I would be a horrible car salesman. I probably wouldn't last a shift." I believe him. We discussed the future of the cafe and one thing is certain, Stan is keeping his vision pure and he is keeping this a safe place for people to enjoy life and some damn good coffee.

Important to us bloggers is the question of Internet access. Stan said today that Clearwire is going through the process of certifying Coffee at the Summit a Wi-Fi Hot Spot. He expects this to happen over the next week or two.

Also on the agenda for Stan is the addition of a piano and musical acts from the local talent pool. He says, "I don't want this to be a nightclub, if I did I would have opened a bar." Stan also purposely left open a lot of wall space for local artists to display their artwork. He will hold, what he calls, "exhibition cooking", where his cook will prepare requested foods of a certain genre. Say omelets, whatever omelet you want will be prepared for you. You get the idea. Stan loves local, he is local, we must support local. He wants to know what is good and what is not, that way he can keep his customers happy. I hope for a long time to come. A genuinely great place for coffee and atmosphere, brought to you by a genuinely nice man.

Coffee at the Summit is located at 623 Summit Ave, between Yancyville and Murrow Blvd. Hours of operation will be Monday-Thursday 6am to 8pm, Friday 6am to 10pm, Saturday 8am to 10pm, and Closed on Sunday. See you there.
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