Friday, January 20, 2006

Two Men Named Davis, Two Suspensions, One Messed Up League

I've been stewing over this rash of NBA suspensions this week since Thursday. The more I think about this the angrier I am getting. Two men named Davis, Antonio from the NY Knicks and Baron from the Golden State Warriors, were both suspended this week.

Both broke the rules.

Baron unleashed a punch on a fellow player from the opposing Seattle Supersonics. He was ejected and suspended for one game.

Antonio witnessed a fan bothering, physically, his wife and two young children. Antonio went into the stands to protect his family. He never threw a punch. Antonio was ejected and suspended for five games.

Both should be ejected for their actions by rule. The suspensions should have been reversed.

Message from the NBA- We would rather see player on player violence, then support a player who goes to help his family. Shameful.

I can tell you this much, if I were a player and my family was in danger, I assure you I would be in the stands protecting the family I love. Basketball is a game with rules and that is the point, it is a game. Family is life, not a game. The NBA should support a player with family values over a player who resorts to violence. They send a very bad message to young fans who look to league players as role models. The players themselves haven't done such a great job with the role model issue either. Hopefully, these overpaid brats can respect the game they play and each other a little more. If they can't they should go become the hoodrat they portray on TV and see how long they can stay alive. With the lap of luxury they enjoy now, I would bet on not long.

Truth be told, I stopped watching pro ball a few years ago, as I saw this problem become a part of the game. Grow up NBA(players and owners), until then I can't watch anymore.

Baron's suspension coverage from the SF Chronicle.

Antonio's suspension coverage from the NY Times.
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