Friday, July 28, 2006

Source Beverages Goes Grassroots

I sat down with Tyler Benedict last week at Source Beverages to talk about the company and his plans for the future.

Tyler is a family man who has lived in Greensboro since 2001. A former mountain bike racer, he saw the need for a sports performance drink and came up with Propel energy drink, the name was bought by Gatorade(Quaker Oats) for a reported "low six figures" two months later. Tyler, changed the name to Pro-Lyte and sponsored racing events, even having the Pro-Lyte racing team on which he raced.

Let's jump back now to 1987 when an Austrian introduced Red Bull, based on the hot drinks being served in Asia at the time. This sort of drink changed the beverage industry. There are literally hundreds of energy drinks, most of them don't survive. In 2002, Tyler Benedict introduced BURN Energy Drink, based in Greensboro, NC. A native of Daytona Beach, Florida, Tyler came to Greensboro, after graduating collage and a short stint in Charlotte. Tyler's wife is in the textile industry and had a job opportunity here. Who says the textile industry is dead?

Being based in Greensboro, Tyler has a vested interest in the local expansion and economic boom occurring in the area. His hope is that as his company grows, which it has in the last four years, he can create more jobs and stimulate the local economy as well. He has sponsored a national movie release, featuring Jet Li. Locally, they provide support and sponsorship to the Greensboro 48 hour film festival, events at the local universities, events at Lyndon St Artworks and the Converge South Conference. Tyler says, "If you count nationally, we're involved in hundreds of cycling events annually". Nationally Source Beverages is also involved with 48hour film festivals in Austin, TX, San Fransisco, CA and St Louis, Missouri, grassroots efforts in the video gaming community and new grassroots efforts on the Internet, blogs included. Several professional sports teams order his product by the cases for training, NFL teams and NHL(Not the Hurricanes by the way) included.

BURN, sugar-free BURN, and 16oz BURN 2 are the current products for Source. Tyler tells me there are a few new drinks in the R&D pipeline, but for now BURN is the priority. BURN is available in 15 states. Currently, Northern California and Missouri are his biggest markets. I can see it in his eyes that he wants Greensboro to be a top that list, but he is being met with some resistance. More to come on this in a later article. For now, if you see his product , grab one and give it a taste. It's the one in the bright yellow can. Tyler Benedict supports the local economy, arts and community, we should support him too.

Check it all out here.
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