Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What War Really Looks Like

Very Disturbing Video Images Below Proceed At Your Own Risk

I have friends that are within miles of the bombings in Lebanon. My thoughts are with you and your families. I hope we see each other again.

These friends of mine in Lebanon are very good people. You have probably eaten at their resteraunts here in Greensboro. They gave me my first job when I moved to town in the early '90's.

People of all countries should not have to suffer for the actions of their governments or other governments.

This video is war at it's worst,not that there is a best. Chilling footage. A cease fire should be immediate, if civilian casualties are going to be as bad as this video shows. Both sides are wrong. The New Crusades continues. With the operation Isreal carried out today at a hospital in the north of Lebanon, they have shown they are able to fight Hezbollah without dropping bombs, they can use their Special OPs teams. If one is to fight terrorism, dropping bombs is not the way to do it. It, in itself, is terrorism.

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