Saturday, December 30, 2006

What I'd Like To See The Dem's Do: Part 3 Health Care

I can't stress enough how important being healthy is to everything. Our economy relies on the fact that people go to work and get things done. A healthy work force is a vibrant work force.

I am pro universal health care for our country. The cost of a doctors visit and the pharmaceuticals that go with it are outrageous. I think we would all rather pay a couple of percent more in taxes in exchange for being able to go to the doctors office when needed.

For many American's a $400 emergency room visit for a cold is common place. It should not be like this. We are supposed to be the greatest country on the Earth and we can't provide basic health services for our citizens? Other countries do.

The welfare system in this country is broken as well. The laws are archaic in nature and do not provide for the people who need the help for real. There is also not accountability for those who get benefits through our welfare system and still drive around in luxury cars from non reported incomes.

The Dem's need to first fix welfare. Next, they need to work on a plan for a universal health care program, that will phase out welfare and get everyone coverage in the near future.

The government has the power to bargain with the insurance and pharma companies. What large company would not want to have a government contract? There is no reason for us to allow the big pharma companies to charge American's more for the same pills they sell for less elsewhere. If we can spend what will be close to 1 trillion dollars in Iraq by the time it's done, we can provide health care for our citizens. Please let the bidding begin.
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