Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Day In Raleigh and Sierra Club NC Blogging

I attended the 1st day of the General Legislature today in Raleigh. I watched the swearing in of the House of Representatives and the election of Joe Hackney to Speaker of the House. I met with most of our Guilford County reps, including Pricey Harrison, Maggie Jeffus, Katie Dorsett and Kay Hagen. I ran into the New and Records Mark Binker as well.

I also met some new folks while out in Raleigh. One of whom is the Director of Government Relations for The North Carolina Chapter of the Sierra Club, Christa Wagner. We made small talk and wound up on blogging. Come to find out the NC chapter of the Sierra Club is blogging. Check out the blog here, static website here. They are a very important special interest group that is taking the steps we need to take to save our planet from ourselves. Keep up the great work.

Quote of the day: Ed Cone says to me, when I call leaving after the election of Joe Hackney to give him the results to blog, "I know already. You can't beat the Internet." He's right you can't, I should have brought my laptop to live blog the event. Maybe next time.
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