Sunday, January 21, 2007

Outlook From DC

I ran into Congressman Brad Miller yesterday at the NC Democratic State Executive Committee meeting. I asked how things were going in DC now that the Dem's have power. He said, "It feels good to finally have a voice, we can finally get some things done for the people." I also commented on how happy I was with the first 100 hours plan. He pointed out that it only took 42 working hours to do it. "Either way", I said, "you have already done more in 6 days then the Republican Congress did in 6 years for the average American."

The Congressman was very upbeat and yes I saw him smile more then I have ever seen in the past. Keep up the good job Congressman.

Something else I heard or saw at the meeting:

A bumper sticker that reads, "If chickens were Republicans, they would vote for the Colonel." I must say, I laughed my ass off.

I also met Larry Kissell, who says he is gearing up to get those 330+ votes it will take in 2008 to defeat Robin Hayes, the man who sold out the people of his district by sending jobs overseas in the deciding CAFTA vote. Go Larry!!

Jerry Meek will lead us again, as he should. He has done a hell of a good job in his time as chair and unanimously was re-elected to chair the party.

Outlook from DC is bright and sunny with lots for the people to smile about. Outlook on the state level is the same.
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