Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yvonne Johnson Kick Off Event

My weekend of politics continued back at the Koury Center on Sunday at 2pm. I attended the Yvonne Johnson kick off event. I walked into the Koury center to the sounds of hand drums and it really put a swagger in my step. I looked around and figured out that my swagger was part of a contagious energy that is found anytime you are around the Mayoral candidate and long time City Councilwomen Yvonne Johnson.

The only word I can use to describe this event is Wow! The second you walked in to the event the energy was all around you. I was really impressed by the turnout and so was the Koury Center who had to open another partition into a much larger area to fill the needs of hundreds that were in attendance. I have never seen such a turnout for a municipal race here in Greensboro. It was impressive.

All of Yvonne's grandchildren spoke on why there grammy should be Mayor including one grandchild reciting Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise" from memory. I had to wipe tears as this is Yvonne's favorite poem. I looked around and others were wiping as well.

Many spoke in favor of Yvonne and there was song and even Native American dance. Yvonne gave a concise speech that highlighted what she will do for this city that she loves. Among these things, she will strengthen the small and medium sized business community as she calls them "our foundation". As a small business owner I really appreciate the fact that this was addressed.

I have known Yvonne for a few years and the one thing that sticks out to me is her genuine love for the city of Greensboro. She works for the people, to solve problems and she gives it all that she has. She treats everyone she meets as if they were her family. I get a classic Yvonne Johnson hug every time I see her. There is hope for a wonderful future in this city, Yvonne Johnson is that hope.

I am as an individual offering my full support for Yvonne. You can too at her website.
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