Wednesday, November 10, 2004

What Happened to Humanity?

I watched a story on Lou Dobbs tonight about Bigorexia. Bigorexia is the opposite of anorexia. Men are the only gender who can get this condition. It is defined as men who are unhappy with their bodies and go on diet after diet in search of getting as lean as possible while bulking up muscle. You can go to a behavioral therapist for treatment to regain your self confidence.

This is one of many conditions that plague our very existence. Botox has been the Hollywood craze for a couple of years now. For those of you who don't know what Botox actually is, it is the practice of injecting Botulinum Toxin Type A (a biological warfare agent) into muscles to temporarily reduce frown lines, as a cosmetic surgery. Wonder what would happen if we injected sarin gas into our faces? Or maybe plutonium and uranium. Enriched, of course.

Clinical depression is probably my biggest problem with our society. Sure, I am sure that some people are clinically depressed. Those people need therapists and medications to help with the condition they have. Now for the shocking number. 10 million children are on anti-depressant medications. About a month ago, Bill Maher said, "Of course they are depressed. They have to live with 2 middle aged assholes telling them what to do all the time." At the same time they are going through puberty. They are dealing with social pressures and they want to do things they are condemned from doing. I surely didn't have a rough upbringing in what used to be middle class America, but I didn't need drugs like Prozac to keep me in line with reality. A swift kick in the ass was good enough to put things in perspective. Parents can not do that now a days, because DSS will not have it. You are abusing your child if you spank them or slap their hand for doing something wrong. The power of parenting has been lifted by the government and set our children free to do what they will. So they need drugs to live a normal life, taking the place of discipline and being taught right from wrong. In addition, we are finding out that the very drugs we are giving our children are causing them to commit suicide. One of many examples of the FDA supporting the pharmaceutical companies and pushing through clinical trials without decisive results.

In Great Britain, they have discovered that the water supply is tainted with traces of Prozac. The micro-filtration systems that clean their sewage are not small enough to clean out the waste we pass from Prozac. What if I am highly allergic to Prozac? Can I shower? Drink water? Cook with water? In America we haven't tested our water supplies for this same effect. Scary stuff floating around in your water, huh?

Adults too, struggle with depression. If you take a look around, there is a lot to be depressed about. War, poverty, finances and job security. I'm depressed about this stuff to. I am certainly not going for a prescription for an anti-depressant drug. I am going to deal with my problems. Like generations past, I will work out my problems and fix them. Our forefathers never would have popped a Prozac and forget about the red coats. They dealt with them. We don't deal with our problems. This is what I see as a fundamental problem with our society today. We hide from them. We pop happy pills to make our problems go away. Everyone knows that the best way to fix a problem is to deal with it. The longer we deny our lives, the longer we will suffer as a society. Thinking as hazily as the very drugs we immerse our problems in.
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