Wednesday, November 03, 2004

What next?

What next for the Democratic Party? Yesterday and today were devastating. Matt Gross will be on WNYC tomorrow at 10am. He has posted a story on his appearance and is asking for your ideas to help the Democratic Party's future. Check it out at:

I posted the following comments there:

First off, thanks for all you have done. I am a registered independent. After the last four years and the next four of the Bush Dictatorship, I am convinced I need to affiliate myself and become a Democrat. I voted Kerry. I am very proud that Guilford Co, NC carried both Kerry and Bowles. The end results were less desirable. I do not think the party as a whole is too far off the right track. Kerry's biggest mistake was being Mister Nice Guy and play to Bush's game. If he was the Kerry of old I think that the results would have been different. I also want to know where the Dem lawyers were at when it came to stopping the 527's that we were supposed to have been ridden of. What is calling me to the party is the bright futures of people like Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Gen Wesley Clark. The issues the democrats stand for are the right issues. The people want this. Unfortunately, the people also want a set of balls to go with it. It is also obvious that the religious right had major influence on the Bush victory. We need to fight to re-instate the separation of church and state. We are the only country that lets religion get involved in our politics. Something definitely has to change, at a grassroots level and up the '08 campaign has to begin today. Nov 2nd and 3rd, 2004 was to Democratic party what 9/11 was to our nation. We must now pick up the pieces, rebuild and come out fighting in '08. Thanks Matt, let me know if I can be any help.

Let us all hope that the religious right does not have their favor to the President be repayed with sympathetic Supreme Court Nominees. Oh, and can you say here comes the draft? I think I'll take Bush's advice and pray. Something I have not done in over two decades.
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