Thursday, November 25, 2004

Thanksgiving, turkey, day off of work. What is not to like about Thanksgiving. There are a lot of things I am thankful for this year. I got married back in May and I am thankful for that. My wife is wonderful. I don't think anyone has ever loved me as much. She was in a car accident on Tuesday, and let me tell you that you never know how much you love someone until a situation like that. She is fine. She is a little sore, bad case of whiplash, but she will be alright. Our daughter is a bundle of joy as well. Being a parent is a wonderful experience. The unconditional love between a parent and a child is the greatest experience a person can have. I am thankful for being part of our 5 year olds life. I do have a seven year old, but I am being kept from being a part of her life. My biological daughter is in New Jersey. Being part of our five year olds life means that much more, because I was denied a right I should have had. I am thankful for my wife's trust, love and commitment. It takes a lot to let someone else help raise your child.

I am thankful for this blog page. I have wonderful readers, loyal and friendly. Thank you Ed Cone for getting me addicted to this blog thing. It is the Internets version of crack. This is where I release all that is inside me. It is my creative outlet. I played music for 25 years, 18 years professionally. I stopped this year to pursue a family and getting my life together. Blogging has replaced music as my creative energy. It is hard to be a touring musician and be home to have a family. Of the two, music and family, I wanted a family more. Playing music does not promote saving money and building a future. It is hard to work a job and be in a band that is taking things seriously. I am thankful to have had such wonderful experiences playing music all these years. I had great times and met wonderful people. I was fortunate to have met my wife. It was an introduction in passing. Neither of us really wanted to meet. She said that I almost knocked her over on my way to the stage. Boy was she pissed. We were introduced by a mutual friend. After my show at Ziggy's that particular night, when I saw her leaving, something told me to run after her. Maybe it was her beauty, her charisma, her smile. Whatever it was, it is the single greatest decision I have ever made.

I have a ton of great friends all over the country. I have a great family. I have a great life. It is time to overdose on triptophane, watch football, and relax. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
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