Monday, February 14, 2005

My Clever Quip From Yesterday

As many of you know, I have been working to try to get out of the financial hole. I was layed off a few weeks ago and since have had the help of many friends and readers of this site. It is really remarkable how people who just enjoy what I write and don't know me, came to my aid. Yesterday morning, yes Sunday, I wanted to work. The job I am on is outside and the weather was beautiful.

I had my usual morning rituals going on. Wake, brush teeth, get dressed, drink Sobe Adreniline Rush, kiss my wife goodbye, head for coffee at the Gate. I get to the Gate and an older lady, obviously either coming from or going to church, says, "Working on a Sunday." She sounded like my working was offending her and her beliefs. Instead of the usual organized religion, corruption, no one god speech, I quipped, "Jesus was a carpenter and in this economy, he'd even be working on a Sunday." The look was priceless, as if I had just kicked her dog. I blame my self proclaimed brillance on pre-coffee delerium. I hate when people judge others or expect others to be like minded all the time.
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