Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rumley Still Doesn't Have His Mess Cleaned Up

A little while after the election in Nov, I posed the question of who would clean up Jim Rumley's mess of stickers on public street signs,etc... Details here in this post.

In a comment to the Nov post on this Jim Rumley himself said "As with any campaign, some volunteers are a bit over zealous. I pay for my campaign materials and will take them down wherever I can after the Nov. 7th election. The bumper stickers you see are very easily removed vinyl and I will make an effort to remove them. None have been placed on public property with my permission. I too think the lollipop signs are unique and they and the regular yard signs are all I have authorized to be put up. I will make a true effort even if I have to do it my self over the next few weeks. Also as with many campaigns we have had many signs removed from private property and I am sure some volunteers have reacted to that as well. Thanks for the discussion."

Well Jim it is January going on February and I'm still seeing them around town. The pictures above were taken today. The sticker on the back of the street sign is at the center median of Benjamin Parkway and S Aycock St. The lollipop sign is by Radience on S Aycock St.

I have a challenge for you Jim. You come to this blog and name a time convenient for you to come clean up your mess. I'd would like to see you do this with my own eyes. I will post photos of you doing this here so you can redeem your character as a politico. If you fail to do this, you have taken from the pockets of the taxpayers in Greensboro and that doesn't bode well for you in the future. There it is Jim, be a man of your word, or lie to appease and crap on Greensboro.

Which will it be?
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