Thursday, March 01, 2007


I went and got my new NC drivers license today at the local DMV. I had to get my address changed. Come to find out the new issue NCDL has a RFID chip in it. Not only can RFID technology be used to track a location of what it is in, but it can store information as well. It is easily hackable, if you can even call something so easy a hack, with a RFID scanner which for a price is available to the general public. So I had some questions. I asked the DMV officer if they had any literature for what is going to be stored on the RFID chip, you know like my social security #. I was told, "What is being stored on the RFID chip's is not going to be public information." I raised a little hell and then left before I got myself arrested by the Gestapo like officials. There will definitely be more to come on this issue as I wrote about here.

RFID has been being used more by retailers to track their products through supply chains and by large farms to track their herds. Now they are in our drivers licenses, which only confirms that the state does see us as their sheep.

Consider me officially pissed off!!!
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