Thursday, March 01, 2007

Update on RFID

I just got off the phone with Wayne Herder, Director of Driver License's under Commissioner Tatum and he assures me that it is in fact not an RFID chip on my license. It is a common security element, basically a hologram, with no chip embedded. They have no plans as of now to implement the RFID technology. He said that the DMV officer at the Coliseum Dr location was mistaken and he is going to personally contact them to inform them of their misunderstanding. He apologized for the uproar they have caused me by what they said and told me to feel free to call him with any further questions.

I still plan to get my hands on a RFID reader to make sure I wasn't being run around on the phone, but Mr Herder sounded pretty honest and knowledgeable about the technology. He also stated that he's not sure that the RFID technology is even secure enough to have as a security feature in our license's. He said he's on the same page as I am with that argument.

Now we wait and see how our state will adapt to the Real Id Act that must be implemented no later then May 2008 creating a National standard for driver's license's in the US. I am learning more on the act and other even scarier acts as the days go on.

Apparently, this is my new Vernon Robinson.

Update: Wane Herder's correct title is state Director of Driver's License Certification. Just so I have it correct.
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