Monday, June 26, 2006


Over at this Ed Cone post, commenter Bruce Birch (via CBS4)reports that Rush didn't do the Vernon Robinson interview tonight because he was detained for possession of illegal prescription drugs again. Maybe this time they'll throw the rightwing airbag in jail? My guess is probably not, because right wing seems to equal amnesty from all the laws.


Team Italy Advances in World Cup to the round of eight on Francesco Totti's penalty kick in the 93rd minute, beating the Aussies 1-0. Italy played one man down from the 51st minute on, when a horrid red card was called and one of our defenders ejected. Here's the photos (AP&Reuters) of the winning goal:

He shoots....

He scores! GOOOAAALLL!

Tottti is da man!

Saturday, June 24, 2006


The dictionary definition of insurgent is: one who rises in revolt against civil authority or an established government. In my eyes, we are a government of the people and when you go against the people you are technically an insurgent(just look at the poll numbers anywhere).

The Bush Administration has shown time and time again that it will piss on the Constituition of this great country to continue to feed its war and oil machines. Dick Cheney said it best in an interview on CNN just the other day, "Both the President and I have nothing to gain politically from what we are doing now. Neither of us are running for office after this term. So, we are doing what we feel is right for the country." Who cares what everyone else but "we" thinks, and don't think for a minute that every move made from here on out won't reap profits for the guys from big oil and big defense(Halliburton).

Let's use 9/11 like the leadership does for a second. Since 9/11, this administration has failed to uphold the constitution of the United States of America. Since 9/11, we have attacked a sovereign nation, on false premise, and turned Iraq into a breeding ground for terrorist cells to operate. Since 9/11, this administration has raped you of every last bit of Constitutional protection of your privacy, told you they did it, and continue to do so in the name of National Security, Amen. Since 9/11, this administration has demonstrated that it can not protect the people of this country from the likes of a hurricane, let alone if the unthinkable was to occur. Since 9/11, this administration has failed to secure our boarders and our ports, and in the process of this grand failure tries to outsource the job to an Arab nation that harbors terrorist. Since 9/11, the most important issues facing this country have been gay marriage, amnesty for illegals, and Terri Schiavo. Since 9/11, the scandals surrounding and inside the White House have hampered the ability to run this country effectively. Since 9/11, none of the recommendations from the 9/11 commission have been implemented.

You get my point, I could keep going but I am sure you understand. The Bush Administration is as corrupt, vile and un-American as the insurgents. Just in case it isn't clear enough already, some synonyms for insurgent are disobedient, insubordinate, mutinous and agitator. Decider was not one that was listed.

The Bush agenda carries itself over in the form of vile mouthpieces like Ann "Let's Frag a Congressman" Coulter, Rush "I love my oxycontin" Limbaugh, and candidates like Vernon "Let me convince you that Brad Miller is a homo, even though he has been married to a women for 25 years" Robinson. It is a sad time in America, but not all hope is lost. We must turn the government over to the guys and gals who will get it right for all Americans, the Democrats.

What is important to Americans right now is jobs, securing our borders, privacy rights, health care, gas prices and a minimum wage increase that reflects the increase for CEO's since the last wage hike. This is what directly effects the average American on a daily basis. I know, I am an average American. Net Neutrality and global warming are also very important.

The people of this country must send a clear message to the current leadership party, come election day, by voting them out of power. We must turn at least the house over to the Dems and then American's lives are back on the agenda. Don't get me wrong, foreign policy is important. It isn't going anywhere under the current leadership because you don't make friends by pissing everyone off. That doesn't work in any business model, and the US Government is a business model. We must reverse and stop this silent coup being staged by the extreme religious right. We must take our government back.

So, remember to get out to the polls in Nov and select your local Democrat to begin to fix the problems that the Bush Administration, and it's incompetence, has put in front of all of us.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Carolina Has A Champion

Congrats to the Carolina Hurricanes on NC's 1st ever professional sports championship ever. I am a Rangers fan forever, and forever miserable, but I am terribly proud of the Canes for their victory.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Eight New Species Found In Israel

About a week ago, I read a story posted by the AP about scientists at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem discovering 8 new species in a limestone quarry. At the bottom of that story was a message that said, "pictures by request only", so I requested. Here they are:

Left to right: Israel Naaman, Prof. Amos Frumkin and Dr. Hanan Dimentman examine one of the crustaceans found in the cave near Ramle. (Sasson Tiram Photos)

Example of one of the unique crustacean species found in the cave near Ramle. (Sasson Tiram Photos)

There are more breathtaking photos, from inside the cave, here.

Press release from the University is here.

Thanks to Esther Tal at the University for e-mailing me these great photos. Congrats to all at the University for proving that we haven't found everything yet.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Rep Miller: Don't Mess With The Blogosphere

Rep Brad Miller posted a new diary at Daily Kos today. His message: Don't mess with the blogosphere. My favorite part of the post is:

"Vernon Robinson has guaranteed that this campaign will be part of the 2006 story. There are two stories about the blogosphere that may result: 1. It makes no sense for politicians from competitive districts to engage in the blogosphere--it's all risk and no reward; or 2. Don't mess with the blogosphere."

Miller will be at Yearly Kos in Vegas. He continues to be part of our community, both in posting and commenting. He supports what we do, it's only fair to support what he does. If you can not give money then you can help in other ways.

Let's all band together and help Rep Miller defeat his Nov. opponent, Vernon "King of the attack ad" Robinson, and put an end to more fear and hate.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Peaceful Warrior

There is a real good movie coming out tomorrow.

Peaceful Warrior, is a novel adaptation of a Dan Millman bestseller called "Way Of The Peaceful Warrior".

Nick Nolte is in the cast. Nolte is always good.

The movie site is here and there is also a blog site here. Yahoo has some exclusive clips here as well as trailers, cast, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Here are a bunch of reviews from cooler people then me(except Tony Robbins):

"A beautifully crafted and enormously entertaining film that speaks
to the strength and resiliency of the human spirit. Peaceful Warrior
offers a powerful, yet rare glimpse, into the human soul. It reminds
us what we are made of, reconnecting us to the power that lies within
so that we feel and embrace it. See this film and it will impact the
course of your life forever."

- Tony Robbins
(Author, motivational speaker)

"Peaceful Warrior is a movie that captures what I strive to do to
gain peak performance from the players. The movie goes right to the
essence - Zensational!!"

- Phil Jackson
(Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers)

"Peaceful Warrior challenges you to go beyond ego-based success and
understand that the way to fulfillment is through higher

- Deepak Chopra
(Author, "Peace Is The Way")

"A stunning and extraordinary film that takes you on a journey out of
your mind and into the present moment. Watch it and be transformed."

- Eckhart Tolle
(Author of "The Power of Now")

"When you hear the truth, it sounds familiar. Like seeing a
reflection of something you already posses. This film is that clear
and simple reflection. I enjoyed every moment."

- Jim Carrey

"Absolutely inspiring! Spread the word about this film..."

- Joe Trippi
(Political Strategist)

"Like ROCKY for the soul!"

- Straw Weisman
(Associate Producer of "What the Bleep Do We Know?")

Check it out, I am going to.

PSA: Matt Gross blogsite

Just spoke with Matt and his site is down, but he is aware. It is some problem with the server folks who host his site. He says that he hopes it will be back up soon. It's out of his hands,so we all need to send some tech karma his way.

Sue, you need to get Matt on Polinsky proof server.
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