Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tonya Clinkscale Is Announcing

I received an announcement flyer from Tonya Clinkscale this past week. Tonya is holding an announcement on Thursday at noon at Warnersville Rec Center, 601 Doak St. Tonya will run for the embattled seat of Diane Bellamy Small, District 1 City Council.

I have sat with Tonya a few times in the past months and she is a viable candidate. She has a plan and a vision for the folks in her community. Right on her flyer she has the following bullet points:

  • Invest in Our Young People and Seniors

  • Build Strong Alliances

  • Preserve Our Communities’ Character

  • Revitalize Blighted Areas

She is a firm believer in helping the little man and in turn that helps everyone. I believe she is right. She has a quote on her flyer as well. It reads, "We cannot begin to discuss economic development and safe neighborhoods without first addressing the very critical needs of our children, young professionals, seniors and the down trodden individuals in our community."

This race will be interesting for District 1. Tonya, Diane and Luther Falls will duke it out for this very important seat.

I have not spoke out for or against Diane Bellamy Small publicly. I wasn't there and don't know all the facts. I have heard from another city councilperson, that Diane is doing her job well, this councilperson used to hear from District 1 constituents about their problems, they say they no longer do. I won't judge Diane, I don't live in District 1.

I will say that I am against the recall election that will cost taxpayers $35,000+ to hold a special election weeks before her term is up. If you really want her out that bad, support her opponents, don't rape the taxpayers.

Go see Tonya announce. She is a bright individual, who is willing to work for the average citizen.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy B-Day Bo

Just writing to let you know I remembered. You would have been 29 today. Happy Birthday brother, I still miss you.

Monday, May 07, 2007

New Burn Energy Drink Coming

I stopped by Source Energy Drinks and spoke with President Tyler Benedict today. He informed me they have a new 16oz sugar-free Burn on it's way somewhere around June. It will have the same great taste, but it will have some new features to it's make-up. It will have ECCG, a powerful antioxidant, and Calcium. Should be good, I'll let you know when I get a taste. In the mean time go to the store locater at their website and find a retailer to get a regular Burn or Burn2. You can also socially network with the Burn crew at Myspace here. Either way support a local Greensboro business and drink you some Burn!!!!!

AP- Wrong or Right?

The AP by-line on this photo:Suspected terrorists are interrogated by Iraqi troops at a Iraqi military base in Baqouba, 60 kilometers (35 miles) northeast of Baghdad, Iraq, Monday, May 7, 2007. Six Iraqis believed to be linked with al-Qaida were detained in a raid near Baqouba. (AP Photo/Adem Hadei)

It says 6 were detained, I count seven blindfolded men. And the big one...does the soldier interrogating the detainees not look awfully white to be an Iraqi soldier. I mean unless our boys are being enlisted in their military, I would have to say that is an American soldier.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Some New Faces For City Council

We know Yvonne Johnson(pdf) is running for mayor. No opponent has surfaced yet. I hope none does, but either way Yvonne will be a great mayor for Greensboro.

Florence Gatten(pdf) isn't running for anything. I'm glad about that. I've never been a big Gatten fan.

Diane Bellamy Small's(pdf) seat will be hotly contested by Luther Falls and impressive newcomer Tonya Clinkscale.

At large seat's will be available. I haven't seen one name in the local press as running, and I know he is, Joel Landau. Joel is a great candidate. He is currently involved in the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. He is an environmentalist, but more then that he is a successful businessman. He has done wonders for Deep Roots Market and he also ran his own shop for a while as well. He sits on the planning board, he is for strengthening neighborhoods, supporting local businesses, keeping our cities air clean, and he wants a more transparent city government for Greensboro, accountable to it's citizens.

Others will throw their names in as well. I keep hearing David Hoggard, but he has not confirmed that yet. He too would be great for Greensboro.

More names will surface as the filing period closes in. This should get real interesting.

One more note...a thanks to Keith Holliday(pdf) for being a great Mayor for Greensboro. You will leave a notable legacy to this city. A positive one. The changes that have occurred during your time as Mayor have turned this large town I moved to in the early '90's into a city. A city moving in the right direction.
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