Saturday, December 30, 2006

What I'd Like To See The Dem's Do: Part 3 Health Care

I can't stress enough how important being healthy is to everything. Our economy relies on the fact that people go to work and get things done. A healthy work force is a vibrant work force.

I am pro universal health care for our country. The cost of a doctors visit and the pharmaceuticals that go with it are outrageous. I think we would all rather pay a couple of percent more in taxes in exchange for being able to go to the doctors office when needed.

For many American's a $400 emergency room visit for a cold is common place. It should not be like this. We are supposed to be the greatest country on the Earth and we can't provide basic health services for our citizens? Other countries do.

The welfare system in this country is broken as well. The laws are archaic in nature and do not provide for the people who need the help for real. There is also not accountability for those who get benefits through our welfare system and still drive around in luxury cars from non reported incomes.

The Dem's need to first fix welfare. Next, they need to work on a plan for a universal health care program, that will phase out welfare and get everyone coverage in the near future.

The government has the power to bargain with the insurance and pharma companies. What large company would not want to have a government contract? There is no reason for us to allow the big pharma companies to charge American's more for the same pills they sell for less elsewhere. If we can spend what will be close to 1 trillion dollars in Iraq by the time it's done, we can provide health care for our citizens. Please let the bidding begin.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

GoTriad opens Scene

JR posts about the new GoTriad arts site Scene. I've been called on to spread the, if your an artist, musician, actor, dancer(not adult), photographer, have a movie, or have an event or festival to promote....then get to this site and submit your 411. Sister sites are also in Austin, Phoenix, Denver and Huston to name a few. I urge you to embrace this new site and promote your wares to a larger audience.

What I'd Like To See The Dem's Do: Part 2 Global Warming

Last time I checked we humans didn't have gills. Living like they did in the horrid movie "Waterworld" is just not a possibility. But, if we don't do something about global warming soon, we are going to faced with our own little "Waterworld".

There are a lot of things that we can personally do to help this impending crisis, but not to much our government can do. For starters, we have not ratified the Kyoto treaty. Our government needs to ratify this document and officially get on board with cutting greenhouse gases, no matter what that means for their polluting big business buddies.

The government has to have the EPA put forth stricter mileage ratings, and emissions standards. Our auto industry is realizing the quagmire that SUV's have gotten them in. Sales are down, gas prices are up, and people want fuel economy cars, hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles. Ford and GM are considering a merger to compete with more fuel efficient companies like Toyota and Honda.

Our city, state and federal governments need to implement tax cuts for new buildings that use green technology like solar panels and rooftop gardens. Also, tax breaks for people who upgrade existing homes and buildings with green technologies would be nice.

I watched "An Inconvenient Truth" not long ago and this is a must see for everyone. We should educate our children on global warming and educate our legislators on global warming. We as a people can do our small part, and it all adds up, but the bigger picture is what needs focus.

Our very existence depends on it.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RIP Peter Boyle

A legend passed last night. Peter Boyle has died at 71. You all know him as the father on Everybody Loves Raymond. What a funny, funny man. You will be missed, and I will laugh a little less in your absence. You have brought many a smile to my face and cheered me up when I was a little down. Your humor and style was one of a kind and there will never be another like you.

You were in three of my favorite movies, playing Jocko Dundee in Johnny Dangerously, Young Frank in Young Frankenstein, and Wizard in Taxi Driver.

A complete list of Peter Boyle's credits.

Rest in piece my friend, your comedy will be missed.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

My Car Burglarized

I hope you all are having a better morning then I am. My wife woke up to go to work this morning to find my driver side window smashed in and my radio and satellite receiver gone. They didn't bother with the power tools in the back. The police are on the way, but that's another story.

I called the main non-emergency number 373-2222 and spoke with a lady who took my name, address and phone number. She then tells me that someone will call me to take a report. Now, I know people. People like Chief Bellamy. I asked her if they would send someone out, result no. I then (as I am already in a bad mood from the ordeal) told her that she will send a CSI van out to dust for prints and take a report or I will call Chief Bellamy and he will make her do it. She responded with, "There will be someone out there in the next 2 hours, sir" and hung up.

What again is the job of a police officer? I believe it is to protect and to serve. She was doing neither and was rude to boot. I think I will call the chief anyway and let him know about my phone conversation. Quite frankly, I've been treated better at a McDonald's-drive thru.

UPDATE 10:15 AM: An officer came out and took a report. He also ordered for CSI to come out and dust for prints that are clear on my dash. It is a whole hand print. Guess it pays to bitch sometimes. I have also left a message for the chief explaining the phone call, since citizen/police relations is high on the GPD's list now a days. More to come.

UPDATE 10:56AM: CSI has come and dusted for prints on the clear hand print. We'll see if they catch the punk. That's the only reason to have them come out. If they get prints that are on record as a habitual burglar then they can send them to the pokey. Other then that, I am not getting my stuff back. That I realize. Older car, no comp and collision, no insurance help. I have to replace, out of pocket a window, a CD radio player and a satellite receiver.

Both officers were real nice and very helpful. My problem is with the dispatch lady.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

What I'd Like To See The Dem's Do: Part 1 Education

Education is the very fabric of the future of our country. With that said, I feel it is in the top three things that the Dem's need to fix in this two years leading up to the 2008 Presidential election.

We have lost our way when it comes to teaching our children. I remember being educated on geography and science. I don't see it in my child's curriculum.

I also receive a list of items that we must buy for the whole class to share, and trust me the list isn't short. Two reams of computer paper, snacks for the class, various stationary supplies and Kleenex for all. Where did that education budget go? Not to the kids or the teachers. Superintendents and administrators of local school systems get the loot. Our own superintendent makes about $211,000 a year in salary and benefits.

What we have to come to terms with is that education is the future of our economy, the future of our society and the future of our existence as a free country.

We need to have our legislators work out deals with major computer vendors like Dell and Gateway to supply our schools with up to date technology to teach our children on. I am pretty sure that no computer manufacturer would shy away from an ongoing government contract. Computer technology is a must teach subject for all of our children, not just for the kids who have parents that are a little better off.

Earlier, I mentioned geography and science as subjects that need to be taught to our children. There are more subjects that I don't understand why they are not taught. In middle schools we can begin to teach tolerance, so kids can better accept human beings that are a little bit different then they are used to. In high school we need to teach civics and ethics. These two subjects will better prepare our children to go into the business world and not pull another Enron or the like. All of these subjects should be mandatory curriculum in order to receive federal funding.

Once we get our children through high school we tend to forget about them as a society. We can fix this easily. If we were to make all community colleges four year schools and make them free to in county residents, we can guarantee that our children will go to college. They then have to maintain a "B" average to continue to be eligible for the free schooling.

If we can fund an eighty plus billion dollar war in Iraq, we can certainly fund our children's educations. Education should be "A" number one on the Democratic Congress's list of things to get done.
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