Friday, July 28, 2006

Source Beverages Goes Grassroots

I sat down with Tyler Benedict last week at Source Beverages to talk about the company and his plans for the future.

Tyler is a family man who has lived in Greensboro since 2001. A former mountain bike racer, he saw the need for a sports performance drink and came up with Propel energy drink, the name was bought by Gatorade(Quaker Oats) for a reported "low six figures" two months later. Tyler, changed the name to Pro-Lyte and sponsored racing events, even having the Pro-Lyte racing team on which he raced.

Let's jump back now to 1987 when an Austrian introduced Red Bull, based on the hot drinks being served in Asia at the time. This sort of drink changed the beverage industry. There are literally hundreds of energy drinks, most of them don't survive. In 2002, Tyler Benedict introduced BURN Energy Drink, based in Greensboro, NC. A native of Daytona Beach, Florida, Tyler came to Greensboro, after graduating collage and a short stint in Charlotte. Tyler's wife is in the textile industry and had a job opportunity here. Who says the textile industry is dead?

Being based in Greensboro, Tyler has a vested interest in the local expansion and economic boom occurring in the area. His hope is that as his company grows, which it has in the last four years, he can create more jobs and stimulate the local economy as well. He has sponsored a national movie release, featuring Jet Li. Locally, they provide support and sponsorship to the Greensboro 48 hour film festival, events at the local universities, events at Lyndon St Artworks and the Converge South Conference. Tyler says, "If you count nationally, we're involved in hundreds of cycling events annually". Nationally Source Beverages is also involved with 48hour film festivals in Austin, TX, San Fransisco, CA and St Louis, Missouri, grassroots efforts in the video gaming community and new grassroots efforts on the Internet, blogs included. Several professional sports teams order his product by the cases for training, NFL teams and NHL(Not the Hurricanes by the way) included.

BURN, sugar-free BURN, and 16oz BURN 2 are the current products for Source. Tyler tells me there are a few new drinks in the R&D pipeline, but for now BURN is the priority. BURN is available in 15 states. Currently, Northern California and Missouri are his biggest markets. I can see it in his eyes that he wants Greensboro to be a top that list, but he is being met with some resistance. More to come on this in a later article. For now, if you see his product , grab one and give it a taste. It's the one in the bright yellow can. Tyler Benedict supports the local economy, arts and community, we should support him too.

Check it all out here.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I Have Been A Busy Bee

In the past couple of weeks I have had the pleasure of talking with a bunch of folks for articles. As I haven't been blogging a whole bunch, I have been doing research for quality stories in the near future.

Among the people I have chatted with is sheriff BJ Barnes and his November opponent Berkley Blanks about the Sheriff's race. I will have a comprehensive article for the Sheriff's race closer to the election. Both parties have also agreed in principal to participate in a Forum like the one that Greensboro101 held for the city counsel race. Hopefully this comes to be, I don't think that the Sheriff's race has ever had forum, but I may be wrong on this.

Last week, I talked with Rep. Alma Adams about the SIMKIN PAC and some things that were unclear here in the blogisphere regarding the PAC. Soon, I will reveal my findings and clear up any confusion.

I have also sat down with CEO of Source Beverages, Tyler Benedict to discuss his company and some resistance in the local market that he has encountered. I will have something up tomorrow on the interview and something in the coming days on the resistance.

I continue to plug away at the Robinson for Congress folks, as I have found more discrepancies in his July report. I am filing complaint number 3 with the FEC and maybe this time we can see some action. There is also some huge news that I will be breaking in the coming weeks, I'll just say I have spoken with the White House, yes that White House and some other folks. I'll also say that I have some documents and I am awaiting one more piece of info which I had to file a FOIA request to get. Until then...gossip away about what you think it is. For the few that I have confided in, please don't reveal what it is. Close your eyes, it's a surprise.

Thank you all for being patient and I hope you enjoy what is turning out to be a lot of hard work and I hope it is useful to all of you.

Monday, July 17, 2006

George Bush Says SHIT At State Dinner

That is the gist of it. While chewing with his mouth open and speaking to Tony Blair at the G8 Summit, our President the so-called leader of the free world used the word SHIT. Here's the entire transcript including what CNN didn't subtitle(in these sort of parentheses):

Bush: What about Kofi Annan? (It seems alright, even though) I don't like the sequence of it. His attitude is basically cease fire and everything else happens. (But...ya know what I'm saying)
: (Yeah. You know.) I think the thing that is really difficult is you can't stop this unless you get this international presence agreed.

Bush: Obviously if she goes out she's got to succeed as it were, where as I can go out and talk. (You) see the irony is what they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah (he pronounced this Hezbowlize) to stop doing this SHIT and it's over.
Blair: (We suffer for Syria.)
Bush: (Right)
: Cause I think this is all part of the same thing.

: (Look) what does he think? He think if Lebanon turns out fine, if he gets a solution in Israel and Palestine, Iraq goes in the right way, he done it. That's what this whole thing's about. It's the same with Iran. (Bush speaks over Blair and says "Yeah. He's straight." over "the right way")

Bush: I feel like telling Kofi (to call and) get on the phone with Assad and make something happen. We're not blaming Israel... and we're not blaming the Lebanese government.

Now you might ask why this is a big deal? For our pristine uber Christian leader to swear in public, well that's just a his book at least. That can't be very family oriented and certainly isn't good moral values. Not that most people couldn't already see through the, Jesus gets me votes, smokescreen this just helps to further confirm it with all the scandal, lies and killing.

Not to mention how the right just continues to bring up the most famous blow job since Deep Throat. I feel the left has a right to finally get their panties in a wad in the way the right did with reckless abandon. Yeah, yeah Clinton lied, blah, blah, blah. If he did, his lies didn't kill our young men and women in the armed forces. Our current President is so full of shit, he said shit at a state dinner. He's so redneck, I wonder if his ranch in Crawford, Texas is nothing more then a beat up double wide. His redness would be confirmed if Pork rinds become the national food and Achy Breaky Heart is adopted as his theme song.

Also, the N&R will run the story but will print S*** instead of SHIT, for fear of a bunch of whinny uptight church folk calling and complaining. Weak, when the leader of the free world speaks and you can't even print what he said. Weak for saying it and weak for not printing it. Folks are too sensitive and our President is a shithead.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Top Referring Blog To Get Prize From RI Senate Campaign

I recieved this interesting e-mail from Carl Sheeler for Senate in Rhode Island. I haven't gone an looked at the campaign site just yet, but as it says below the top personal blog page referring to Sheller's site will get a $500 contribution to support their personalpage or blog. Interesting strategy, at the very least. This tells me that politicos are really geting the importance of our online community and realize that this medium can be effective in spreading their message and creating a buzz. Buzz=votes in a lot of cases. Of course bad buzz(Lieberman-CT) could lose you votes a well. My advise to politicians is to be open and honest. Remember that you can backtrack on what you say and mean on CNN, but if you print it, it's the gospel. Here's the e-mail:

Join “BLOGGERS for Carl Sheeler US Senate Campaign ”

Simple add a link to Carl Sheeler (D-RI) US Senate web site. As an added bonus the top personal blog page referring the most active hits to Carl’s site by November 1st will receive a five hundred dollar contribution to support your personal page or blog. Email myself if you would like to help and for further details.

I am the Deputy Campaign Manager with the Sheeler for US Senate (D-RI) campaign; Carl is a marine veteran of the gulf war who has a strong connection with every day Americans – a blend of Paul Wellstone and Russ Feingold. His strong stances on alternative energy; cutting middle class taxes while reforming millionaire and big corporate taxes; funding the NO child left behind (NCLB) federal mandates to alleviate the tax burden on property owners and demanding single payer, national healthcare for all Americans and calling for social and economic equality are what makes his campaign connect with most Americans regardless of party affiliation.

Carl is a fiscally, reasonable, progressive Democrat, the real deal, a working Senator, the peoples’ voice -- a voice for all Americans. Many call Carl’s “of, for and by the people”, a 70’s style democrat referring to his likeability and “building bridges, not walls” views. His Be Patriotic Impeach Bush with a backdrop of our Constitution and Fund OUR Future Not BU$H’s War billboards along I-95 in Rhode Island speak for themselves. Go to Carl’s fantastic site at to look at the billboards this say’s it all. images/billboard1.jpg

News and press releases

These groups are just a fraction of groups who are supporting, endorsing or will be adding a score card to their sites, Gold Star Families for Peace; Code Pink; Impeach Pac; Grassroots Democrats; Lynn Woolsey for Peace; CODEPINK Cape Code; Progressive Democrats; CLG Citizens for Legitimate Government; Impeach Bush Coalition;; VetPAC...

Thank you in advance for joining “BLOGGERS for Carl Sheeler US Senate Campaign” remember the top personal blog page will receive a $500 contribution, second personal blog page will receive $200 and the next six top personal blog pages will each receive a $50 contribution to support your personal blog.

Thank you in advance for considering a contribution to Carl Sheeler for US Senate. or

Friends of Sheeler, c/o Carl Sheeler, 592 Hopkins Hill Rd, West Greenwich, RI 02817

Please email myself to set up your personal link and to receive further details.

William Shaw


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mid East Prediction

The troops come home. Well... not really. They do leave Iraq and move east to Iran.

Israel and Hezbollah have been at it for days now, intensely. Hezbollah captured 2 Israeli soldiers, and Israel responded with airstrikes and ground troops. The underlying statements of Syria and Iran's involvement, sounds like current US foreign policy.

I'm not saying that what Hezbollah did is right, but is it really different then what the US is doing with enemy combatants and Guantanamo Bay? There is no official war, although this region has quarreled since the crusades. The capture of 2 Israeli soldiers has caused the destabilization of the entire middle east once again.

What has allowed the possible involvement of the Syrians and Iranians is the US led Iraq occupation. Saddam Hussein was a crazy man and cruel dictator, but he was the only man that could hold three warring factions inside Iraq together. With a civil war in Iraq and no strong Iraqi led government, the Iranians and Syrians are free to do as they please in the region. All the people of Beirut aren't responsible for what has happened, but they are the real victims here. These are the things that our incompetent administration failed to plan for, or realize would happen with the invasion of Iraq. Even Russia's Vladimir Putin joked today at the G8 conference that they want a Democracy in Russia, but not the kind of Democracy that they have in Iraq. George Bush has failed the middle east peace process and in turn failed the world. It is almost embarrassing to have him as our President. Well not almost, it is. I love this country we live in, and I shouldn't have to be ashamed to say I'm American, but he has made us that way with the rest of the world. Except for Britain of course.

So again, my prediction is that we will get involved once the Israelis and the US government can bring Syria and Iran into the frey. The troops will leave Iraq and enter Iran.

We'll see if I am right. I hope for our troops sake, that they just come home.

This is of course solely my opinion and you have the right to disagree. A little dissent never hurt anyone in a free society. Ya know, the 1st Amendment and all. I know that my thoughts on this may not walk the line or may be seen as anti-Israeli, but I assure you they are not.

Both sides are wrong and I wish that war wasn't always the answer. People always die, but it's never the people that are responsible for the wars in the first place. What ever happened to the days when Alexander the Great and Caesar led their troops if they wanted to go to war? Now leaders hide like cowards in bunkers and watch others die for their egos and opinions. How sad.

Burn- Local Business- Yummy For Your Tummy

You might see the ad at the right of this page for Burn Energy Drink. They are a local business, based in Greensboro. I am a huge supporter of local business as it is good for our local economy. Source Beverages just recently expanded to national distribution. I will be sitting down with Tyler Benedict, who owns Source Beverages, maker of Burn and other great drinks, in the coming weeks to discuss the company. Please click through the ad and check out the local wares, if you try it, I don't think you will stop drinking it. I can't.

Public Disclosure Notice: I am running the ad for Source Beverages in return for product. There is no money involved with this deal. Simpily a bartering of ad space for product.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Rep Pricey Harrison Is A Class Act

There was an incident with an unethical Ferry Boat ride taken by NC legislators. Details here.

From Pricey's new blog for "06"(to which I post for her), how she handled the situation with class. A shining example for other legislators in NC and other states. Wrong is wrong, but having communicated with Pricey about this, she feels terrible. So, cut her some slack and support a legislator who handled this with grace and class, and a legislator who truly cares about we the people. Rep Pricey Harrison is a class act.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Why American's Don't Get Soccer

Of course this is all my opinion, but I feel it makes complete and total sense.

America doesn't get the sport of soccer. No one has ever really figured out why, but as an avid sports fan I think I found a pulse. We area fast food nation. We like our entertainment fast, high scoring and in short spurts. These values, how ever, do not apply to NASCAR. I personally, am not a fan of the go fast, turn left league of drivers. I can catch the crashes on Sportscenter. Soccer can be fast and high scoring from time to time, it is more a game of patience and strategy, and American's have no patience.

The one thing that soccer does not have, that all Americanized sports do, is commercial breaks. We are so pre-disposed to seeing our McDonald's and Budwieser commercials that without them, we just don't feel like we are watching TV. TV in America is also based on commercials, ad sales fuel programming. No American based TV station has taken the risk on International FIFA soccer, reason being no breaks in play for commercials.

In all the other countries, nationalized television carries soccer, as there is no cost to a commercial network. My advise for televised soccer here is air it on public broadcast or put channels from overseas on cable so people can watch Manchester United, Arsenel, and any of the Italian Sierie A league. Until America gets soccer, we can never be an International force in the game.

Some will say we have the MLS. Yes, we do. What superstars do we have playing in the MLS?

So my analysis is not fast food enough for our burger an a large fries nation. No chance for big business to advertise their wares. In a capitalist nation such as ours, if big business can't find a way to make a buck, then that entertainment can not survive.

Which Hoggard Is This?

From an inside source at the Hoggard camp. He's faster then a speeding bullet and groovier then James Brown himself, I present what may possibly be the missing link...... 70's Hoggard man.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Viva Azzuri- Grosso Goal- Italy Wins World Cup

I am getting over my tears of happiness. Buffon made a save on Zidane in the overtime, save of the world cup in my mind. Zidane gave a gutless head butt to the chest of Italy defender Materazzi. Zidane was red carded and ejected. The game went to penalty kicks and Italy prevailed 5-3. Viva Italia, Viva Azzuri.

What I'd give to be in Rome right now.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Grosso and Del Pierro, Italy to Finals

At: Yahoo and here.

Fabio Grosso in the 119th minute and Alessandro Del Piero in the 121st minute defeat host country Germany. Germany has never lost at the stadium they were at, but Italy has never lost to Germany ever in the World Cup. Italy has a 26 game unbeaten streak right now in International play.

Italy to the finals. Facia bella. (beautifual aspect or look)

I know what I'm doing Sunday, Go Italia!!!!
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